We are excited to announce that auditions for QSE‘s 2022 Core Ensemble and Apprentice Program will be held on the afternoons of the 4th and 5th of December 2021, with callbacks on the evening of Tuesday 7th December.

The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble is an artist-run company with Core Ensemble members having priority for involvement in artistic roles, while also managing a business portfolio (eg. Administration, Marketing, Finance).  

We believe theatre and actor training are most exciting and powerful when our community’s diverse nature is reflected. We encourage applications from indigenous artists, artists of colour, artists from CALD backgrounds, LGBTQi artists, neurodiverse artists, artists with disabilities, and artists of all ages and creeds. 

Everyone who comes to work and play with QSE, regardless of their rank, experience or profile, can expect to work in an atmosphere of collaboration and openness. 


Must be received by 5pm on November 26th, must be complete, and are to be submitted electronically (via e-mail).

Please see links below for Apprentice or Core Ensemble specific details.


Initial auditions will consist of 15-minute slots in the following sessions, by appointment only: 2-6pm Saturday December 4th and 2-6pm Sunday December 5th.

Prepare two pieces from any of Shakespeare’s plays, one comic piece and one dramatic piece (not necessarily from a comedy and a tragedy/history, just one piece with a comic tone and one with a dramatic tone). Each piece should be no more than two minutes long, and speeches do not need to be age/gender appropriate. Choose something with which you feel a personal connection.

Please note that not all applicants will necessarily be offered auditions. The offer of an audition is dependent on the quality and fit of the application materials.

Initial auditions on December 4th and 5th will be held in Bardon Community Hall, 247b Simpsons Rd, Bardon.

Callbacks will consist of a group session 6-11pm on Tuesday December 7th that will include voice, Shakespeare, group work and improvisation. You MUST be available for the entirety of this callback in order to be considered for the Core Ensemble or Apprentice program.

Callbacks will be held in Spring Hill.

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