April 21st – 23rd | 7:30pm | Ithaca Hall | All tickets $12

The actors of the 2022 Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble have been training together since the start of February; exploring voice, movement, text, language and more through a selection of Shakespeare’s speeches, sonnets, and scenes. Inspired by the experience of dreams and how those experiences can be expressed though the body and voice.

For three nights only we will share some of these pieces with you, in theatre of the round, offering a rare insight into our training and rehearsal processes and practices. Dare to Share is not so much a production, as an opportunity to continue our training and exploration in the presence of an audience, the final and most important member of the theatrical ensemble.

Meg Bennett, Milan Bjelajac, Adam Dobson, Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn, Liliana Macarone, Rebecca Murphy, Jason Nash, Rob Pensalfini, Tenielle Plunkett, Emily Potts, Rebekah Schmidt, Zoë Schramm, Angus Thorburn, Angela Witcher

COVID Policy

QSE is committed to supporting the wellbeing of all who come to support, learn, work, and play with us as we come together to create the most satisfying and effective art we can. We acknowledge the significant challenges that we as a company, the arts industry and the community have faced and continue to face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our commitment to wellbeing extends to ensuring that we act as a responsible community member in relation to the risks of the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Your proof of vaccination status will be checked on arrival at the theatre, not at your time of booking. If you will be checking in using your smart phone on the Check in Qld app, please ensure your vaccination certificate is linked to your profile to allow it to display. If you do not have a smart phone and need to check in manually, you will need to print out a hard copy of your vaccination certificate.