Kate Rohde

Kate has been acting in Brisbane since she was a kid, including productions at Brisbane Arts Theatre and Nash Theatre. Primarily focusing on comedic roles and lauded for her work in the background of scenes and her commitment to humorous facial expressions, she has performed Grumio in Taming of the Shrew (2017), Sir Oliver Martext, William and Dennis in As You Like It (2018), and Bardolf and Northumberland in Henry IV Part 1 (2019) all for Nash Theatre. Kate also has extensive improvisation experience, performing at national and international festivals. She has been a nerd for Shakespeare since that day she was off sick from high school with nothing to read but her Macbeth text for English class. She has wanted to play Macbeth ever since.

Kate has relished the chance to work intensively with both Shakespearean text and a group of actors committed to exploring and developing their skills. She looks forward to carrying her QSE experience into future work.