Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn

Leah is an actor, designer & baker, with a love for all things creative. She divides her time between flexing her Shakespeare muscles with the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, feeling guilty about the amount of costumes stacked in her living room, and spreading edible glitter throughout the house.

Since graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama), Leah has worked extensively as an actor across the local theatre scene. Her credits include: Romeo & Juliet, A Sleep of Prisoners, Macbeth in the Dark, Henry IV Part I (Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble), The Midsummer Carnival (Brisbane Immersive Ensemble), Hamlet (4MBS Brisbane Shakespeare Festival), As You Like It (Thunderbear Productions), The Crucible, and Minefields and Miniskirts (Brisbane Arts Theatre). Leah also regularly performs in Instant Romeo & Juliet, Express Macbeth, and Half-Hour Hamlet as a part of Shakespeare’s Shorts (Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble).

Her design credits include costume design for Romeo & Juliet, Express Macbeth (Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare Prison Project), production design for Stronger/Pariah (Lightning Bolt Collective) and the 48 Hour Film Project Awards Ceremony and production and costume design for Macbeth.

Having trained as an apprentice with the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble in 2019, and was a Core Ensemble member from 2020 – 2022.

When she’s not on or around a stage Leah is an avid baker and decorator with the aspiration to one day establish her own macaron business.

Leah is a member of MEAA (Equity).