Brevity is the soul of wit!’

Introduce your students to the characters, plot, and language of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays in the most engaging, memorable way!

In Term 2, 2022 we’re offering…

Half-Hour Hamlet

This highly physical adaptation takes out all the procrastination – the tragedy is performed in 20 minutes, then in 7 minutes, and again in just 3!

Express Macbeth

This pacey performance spins the murder, betrayal, and madness of the Scottish Play into a high stakes tale of fun, ambition, and…. well, madness!

Instant Romeo & Juliet

This lively show turns the classic tragedy into a high-paced comedy complete with star-crossed lovers, rival families, and plenty of wooden-sword-wielding!

Shakespeare’s Shorts are energetic versions of the famous original texts, performed by a group of 4 – 5 actors from QSE’s Core Ensemble.

Whether your students loathe Shakespeare, love Shakespeare or fear Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Shorts is for them! Performed with QSE’s trademark clarity each show is not only engaging and entertaining but highly accessible and easy to understand.

Each show is entirely portable and adaptable, designed to be performed in a variety of venues.

Our Shorts team will bring everything that’s needed with them, we have no need for microphones and require a mere 5m x 5m performance space.

Each performance comes with a thorough resource pack and option post-show Q & A with the actors.

“We enjoyed the production and know that the students will get a lot from it. They found it enjoyable, especially the comic element. Getting students up on stage was different!”
P. Donaldson, St. Peter’s Lutheran

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