The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble (QSE) was founded in 2001. Since its inception QSE has gained a reputation for energetic, accessible and unique productions of Shakespeare’s plays.


We use Shakespeare as a platform for positive change.


The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble exists to bring the language of Shakespeare to communities. QSE strives to strengthen the connections between and within communities by:

  • sharing epic and eternal stories with a live audience
  • creating evocative, engaging experiences in communities
  • making Shakespeare accessible to all
  • giving a voice to the marginalised
  • reflecting the contemporary human condition
  • developing an Ensemble of Artist managers
  • inspiring a collaborative artistic and business environment

Core Beliefs

We believe that Shakespeare’s language demands an intense intellectual-emotional-physical-spiritual connection, and is the ultimate actor training and community building tool. Created when theatre was a rhythmic, physical, and aural experience, Shakespeare’s plays insist on a whole-body relationship to words, challenging those who perform them to act boldly and speak with passion.

We believe that performance is most potent when it is embodied by actors who train together, exchanging skills and experiences, and sharing a sense of belonging with one another. We consider the human voice to be the ultimate vehicle for embodied expression and communal exploration.

We believe in the principles of Ensemble Theatre, and seek to develop a team of artist-managers who create an inspirational artistic and business environment to which others aspire.

Although the Ensemble performs the works of other playwrights and authors, Shakespeare will always be the home from which we travel.


The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble operates with the following values at the heart of our work:

  • Community: Strengthen connections and relationships, growing people together
  • Collaboration: Working together to achieve with courage, compassion and generosity
  • Integrity: Doing what is right
  • Communication: Actively listening, sharing information and ideas
  • Respect: Appreciating our differences and valuing each other
  • Growth: Seeking ways to develop our potential
  • Recognition: Celebrating each other’s efforts and achievements
  • Quality: Disciplined process in the pursuit of excellence