“Come what come may,
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.”
Macbeth, Act 1 Sc 3

This year marks the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble’s fourth Annual Appeal, with each year’s growing support we have been able to continue creating high quality, engaging and relevant art. We have continued our commitment to community with our Shakespeare Beyond program, giving voice to marginalised communities through programs including the Shakespeare Prison Project, Youth Justice Program and A Night at the Theatre. We have also continued to celebrate and stage new Australian works; eg, The Tragedy of Socrates. We are artist-run and artist-led, meaning we consist of a Core Ensemble of actors who also run the business of the company, allowing for increased ownership and a collaborative, inclusive environment that celebrates our diversity.

QSE’s Annual Appeal 2020 is a reflection of who we are as a company, as artists and individuals. It is also a reflection of the world in which we operate, the struggles we all face and the ways we must adapt. Our Appeal highlights what we do, where we aim to go and how important our donors and our unique community are in achieving our aims.


  • Continue to support the participants of the Shakespeare Prison Project, which unfortunately has been postponed part-way through the project
  • Take our Training and Education online, increasing the reach and accessibility of our work
  • Expand our A Night at the Theatre initiative, welcoming those who may not have otherwise seen or had the opportunity to engage with our productions

All of this is made possible through the support of our volunteers, generous donors and community. We are more than just a theatre company performing for performance sake; we are a vibrant, active part of our community. Though we are a relatively small ensemble from Brisbane, we have big dreams and would like you to join us in our campaign this year.

Donations to QSE of over $2 are tax deductible. No matter how small or large your donation is it will be put to great use!

Donations can currently be made via direct debit transfer to our bank account – please put your last name and an annotation or abbreviation (e.g. Shakespeare Beyond) in the description line so we know who’s paying, and alert us by sending an email to finance@qldshakespeare.org when you transfer a payment. Our bank account details are:

BSB 034-008

Account number: 134367

You can donate to:




Support QSE’s vision by donating to the company.

Support QSE’s community initiatives.

A donation of $35 can give a mainstage ticket to a person who might not have otherwise been able to experience live Shakespeare.