Shakespeare Beyond

Shakespeare Beyond serves to empower and give a voice to marginalised communities through theatre.  Growing from our vision to use Shakespeare as a platform for positive change, these programmes go beyond traditional theatre spaces, exploring ourselves and our stories, often incorporating Theatre of the Oppressed and an embodied approach to Shakespeare’s text.  With this work, those commonly under-represented and missing in regular theatrical engagement, can share in Shakespeare’s words and find their own voice, as performers, workshop participants, and audience members.


A Night At The Theatre

Relaxed Performances

Shakespeare Prison Project

Training Scholarships


Forum Theatre Project with the Jeay Street Community Centre

Raising Voices: Empowering Women to be Heard – this event was supported by WYCA Queensland and the Queensland Government

Theatre Games with QSE: A Community Workshop promoting positivity and well-being – this event was delivered as part of Queensland Mental Health Week

Veteran Shakespeare – these projects were delivered in partnerships with Mates4Mates

Youth Justice – 2018 marked the beginning of a partnership between QSE and the Brisbane Youth Education and Training Centre. Projects have included school holiday workshops, performances by our Shakespeare’s Shorts team, and term-time projects culminating in a performance by the participants.