By William Shakespeare

Directed by Angela Witcher

“Bring forth men-children only;
For thy undaunted mettle should compose
Nothing but males.”

Nov 11th – 27th, 2022 | Fringe Brisbane Hub, South Brisbane

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Power hungry warrior and Machiavellian murderess or grief-stricken parents with a painful void to fill?

Returning home from a bloody but victorious battle, Macbeth is met by the Weird Sisters who foretell that he will become King of Scotland. Emboldened by this prediction, the Macbeths take fate into their own hands, murder King Duncan and take the crown.

But the crown sits uneasily and their initial act of ambition and unquenchable desire for power set off a catastrophic series of events that once in motion, cannot be stopped.

Don’t miss out on the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble’s first ever staged production of this dark psychological thriller! 



$25 per student (1 free teacher ticket per 10 students)
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Crystal Arons – Witch, Murderer, Doctor
Meg Bennett – Hecate, Lennox
Joanne Booth – Banquo, Lady Macduff, Caithness
Mikala Crawley – Duncan, Menteith, Messenger, Murderer
Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn – Malcolm
Ellen Hardisty – Witch
Rebecca Murphy – Lady Macbeth
Leah Mustard – Witch, Child
Rob Pensalfini – Macbeth
Tenielle Plunkett – Fleance, Sergeant, Porter, Soldier
Rebekah Schmidt – Ross
Angus Thorburn – Macduff

Director – Angela Witcher
Production Manager – Willem Whitfield
Production Designer – Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn
Music Director – Rob Pensalfini
Assistant Stage Manager – Loretta Donnelly
Assistant Director – Liliana Macarone