2024 marks Angus’ sixth year with QSE, beginning as an Apprentice in 2019 and working in the Core Ensemble since 2020. His performances with QSE include Henry IV Part 1 (2019 Mainstage), The Tragedy of Socrates (2019 Staged Reading), Macbeth in the Dark (2020 Radio Play), A Sleep of Prisoners (2021 Staged Reading), Romeo & Juliet (2021 Mainstage), The Rover (2022 Mainstage), Macbeth (2022 Mainstage), and The Penelopiad (2023 Mainstage). He has also been part of the Shakespeare’s Shorts since 2022, performing in Half-Hour Hamlet and Express Macbeth.

Angus’ formal acting training began in 2016 at TAFE Queensland (in partnership with the University of Canberra) under the teachings of theatre practitioners such as Lisa O’Neill, Anatoly Frusin, and Rosalind Williams. There, he spent three rigorous years practising theatre methods, studying plays and harnessing his physical, vocal and mental skills for the stage. He graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Acting & Performance. After TAFE, Angus began to practise directing alongside acting. In 2019, he directed his debut production of Have I None by Edward Bond for the Anywhere Festival at Boggo Road Gaol; this was one of the first theatre performances to be held in that venue. In 2021, he directed his first Shakespeare production of As You Like It for Anywhere Festival, stagedin the backyard of his parents’ house, with the support of QSE. In 2023, he was also selected as a Director for the La Boite Assembly program.

His other theatre credits include: Alan Strang in Equus (Ad Astra); The Two Noble Kinsmen (Skimble Skamble Fools); Tower of Babel (Baran Theatre and Metro Arts); 13 (TAFE); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (TAFE); O Solo Mio #6 (TAFE); Leaves of Grass (TAFE), and Grimm Fairy Tales (La Boite Young Actors Company at the Festival of Australian Student Theatre).