April 8th – 10th | 7:30pm | University of Queensland | All tickets $10

The Elizabethans believed the human soul consisted of three parts: naturalis facultas, governed by the liver (the gut); vita, governed by the heart; and intellectus, governed by the brain. After several centuries of Cartesian mind-body dualism, contemporary neuroscience is beginning to rediscover the wisdom encoded in this tripartite view of the human soul.

In 2021, our training has been centred around monologues and scenes that deal with the inner life, with inward struggles, and how these manifest in the body and in relationships. Shakespeare’s text is simultaneously intellectual, passionate, and earthy, so the theory of the tripartite soul provides a powerful model for us to explore how these connect and manifest in a theatrical context.

Dare to Share: The Bare Soul is not so much a production, as an opportunity to continue our training and exploration in the presence of an audience, the final and arguably most important member of the theatrical ensemble.



  • Meg Bennet
  • Becky Cole
  • Mikala Crawley
  • Sarah Doyle
  • Leah Fitzgeral-Quinn
  • Hannah Flannery
  • Deidre Grace
  • Grace Lofting
  • Liliana Macarone
  • Leah Mustard
  • Rebecca Murphy
  • Bronwyn Nayler
  • Rebekah Schmidt
  • John Siggers
  • Angus Thorburn
  • Willem Whitfield


  • Artistic Director – Rob Pensalfini
  • Stage Manager – Kayla Robinson
  • Production Manager – Kylii Davies