Dudley Powell

Dudley is an actor who is definitely no stranger to QSE. Although an associate artist this year, Dudley
has previously been a member of the Core ensemble (2018 -2019) and an apprentice actor before
that (2016). Dudley’s acting credits for QSE include Twelfth Night (Antonio), The Winter’s Tale
(Florizel), Hamlet (Horatio), Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Horatio), Henry IV Part I
(Archibald, Earl of Douglas and Mistress Quickly) The Blood Votes (Robert) and The Tragedy of
(Dercylidas and Pharnabazus).

This year Dudley has been involved with QSE’s Shakespeare’s Shorts productions as he was when he
was in the Core Ensemble. His roles in Shakespeare’s Shorts include Instant Romeo & Juliet
(Romeo and Lady Capulet) and Half Hour Hamlet (Ghost of King Hamlet and Claudius). Like all of
QSE’s productions, Dudley relishes in the opportunity to contribute to work that is easily accessible
for everyone and highly entertaining. Before working with QSE, Dudley had worked with Tropical
Arts Association Inc in Cairns (Far North QLD) a not-for-profit theatre group dedicated to inclusive
community theatre for everyone and also featuring a diverse cast of all genders, ethnicities and

Dudley graduated James Cook University with a BA Creative Industries majoring in Performance in
2015 and has continued to participate in masterclasses throughout his career.