Lisa first discovered the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble in their 2014 performance of The Tempest and became an avid fan. As a criminologist and teacher, she has a keen interest in the outreach work by QSE, particularly the Shakespeare Prison Project. Lisa joined the QSE Management Committee in 2018 as Treasurer and served in that capacity for two years. Although she has no theatre background she is very happy to live vicariously through the wonderful actors and talented people associated with the Ensemble. She has a PhD in criminology using historical research methods, and secondary school teaching qualifications in history and legal studies. A keen traveller and former merchant seafarer, Lisa now relies on camping trips in ‘the great south-east’ to cure her wanderlust in this time of pandemic.


While studying English literature at the University of Queensland, Isaac had the opportunity to listen to several lectures by Rob Pensalfini, Artistic Director of the QSE, about the Shakespeare Prison Project. His interest piqued, Isaac attended a 2019 prison production of The Tempest. There, Isaac bumped into an ex-classmate who just happened to be the secretary of QSE at the time, who asked Isaac if he’d like to be the next secretary, and Isaac said “Yes” with some trepidation. Isaac has completed his studies in literature, and is taking a year off study before endeavouring on a Master’s of teaching, intending to teach secondary English, history, and drama. He has been performing and interacting with Shakespeare’s work since the age of 13, and is very excited to be involved in such a significant contribution to Shakespearean theatre in Queensland.


Kylii has been involved in managing Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble mainstage productions since 2010 with her first introduction to the company with The Merchant of Venice. Since then Kylii has continued to work with the company as the Mainstage Production Manager.

When not coordinating logistics, budgets, creatives and crew for QSE, Kylii spends much of her professional career managing customer accounts, facilitating payments and purchasing requisitions for a local manufacturing company with an interest in technology solutions to drive efficient practices within her team and the broader organisation. Kylii has an Advanced Diploma in Business and is a Workplace Health and Safety Representative and over 15 years’ experience in managing and processing finances for several large companies.


Katie Hail-Jares is a Research Fellow in epidemiological criminology at the Griffith Criminology Institute. Before obtaining her PhD, Katie was one of the first student coordinators of Grinnell College’s Liberal Arts in Prison Program. Afterwards, she directed Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Skylark Project, a program that provided legal and social support services to incarcerated survivors. Katie has witnessed how transformative theatre, visual art, and creative writing can be to people who are incarcerated. Besides being a prison abolitionist, Katie is also passionate about the decriminalisation of sex work and drug use.  In her free time, she practices deathly arts, such as taxidermy, corrosion casting, and skeletal articulation. She loves movies of questionable quality and plot. Her favourite Shakespeare character will always be Lady Macbeth.