A new work by Michael Futcher

The Blood Votes was made possible through a partnership between QSE and the University of Queensland Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and funding from the Queensland Government.

The Blood Votes, a new play by Michael Futcher (A Beautiful LifeThe Drowning Bride) brings to life the divisive and at times violent conscription debates of 1916 and 1917. It asks us to consider enforced participation in war through the eyes of mothers, sons, serving soldiers, workers on the home front, and religious and political groups.

Two referendum questions were narrowly voted down by the Australian public. The vivid debate that accompanied the votes brought important issues of “home front” life into dramatic focus: the essential character of the conflict, the nature of citizenship and public duty, government and democracy in war time, and the dreadful personal toll of the ‘Great War’ that was then entering its third year.

“The extremely talented and experienced cast take you through an unbelievably raw and captivating journey, keeping you on the edge of your seat
Sharlee Murray, Weekend Notes

“I do hope it has a life after November 11…”
Susan Hetherington, RideHomeReview

“The Blood Votes was delivered by a passionate and engaging cast and is obviously an extensively researched new piece of theatre, addressing not only the morality of wars and enforced participation in them but also the effectiveness and ethics of grassroots activism and the power of organised communities.”
Elise Lawrence, Backstreet Brisbane


Cast: Matthew Filkins, Ellen Hardisty, Liliana Macarone, Frances Marrington, Rebecca Murphy, Paige Poulier, Dudley Powell, Silvan Rus

Director: Rob Pensalfini

Playwright: Michael Futcher

Assistant Director: Kat Dekker

Production Manager: Kylii Davies

Stage Manager: Josie Dodson

Costume Designer: Kirily Jago