Experienced professional actors that are interested in being part of the Core Ensemble are encouraged to apply for an audition. QSE may or may not be taking on any new core ensemble members in 2021.

Applicants will be skilled actors with a passion for performing Shakespeare and a strong desire and capacity for being part of an artist-managed ensemble. The Core Ensemble, as the name suggests, is the heart of QSE, and drives its artistic and business activities.

Applicants for the Core Ensemble should be familiar with QSE’s work and activities, and ideally would have some previous experience with QSE’s training. It is unlikely that an applicant who has not previously performed or trained with QSE would be invited to audition for the Core Ensemble. 

The ideal Core Ensemble member would have the following qualities:

  • a passion for performing Shakespeare
  • respect and commitment to QSE’s work and training
  • skilled and energetic in their work on-stage and off
  • able to receive and incorporate feedback into their practice
  • a mix of artistic and business/ administrative skills
  • able to fill a gap in QSE’s current skill profile
  • a team player, more concerned with the creation of artistic community than in furthering their own commercial career
  • long-term commitment to the advancement of QSE and theatre in Queensland

Core Ensemble members are given first priority, where possible, for any paid work within the company. In return, Core Ensemble members are expected to make QSE their first artistic priority, and not allow other artistic activities to preclude them from QSE activities.

For 2021, QSE is particularly interested in auditioning actors who also have experience in IT, grant-writing, or education.

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