Relaxed Performances

Upcoming Relaxed Performance: Saturday, July 20th 2pm, TARTUFFE

Relaxed Performances are designed to welcome people who may enjoy a more relaxed performance environment, including (but not limited to) people with autism or individuals with sensory sensitivity. Parents and caregivers may also find the inclusive atmosphere relaxing with audience members free to move, speak, and respond throughout the performance.

On the day of the relaxed performance, shows are executed at the highest artistic level with slight technical adjustments that soften the sensory experience.

Past Relaxed Performances have taken place during our season at Roma Street Parkland. These shows were performed in daylight on the open-air stage, making the stage-lighting less noticeable. Sound effects were adjusted to even-out any loud or sudden noises during the performance. Audience capacity was reduced to create more room to all patrons to move easily between seats, the park and a chill-out room.

QSE’s Relaxed Performances are open for everyone! Parents are welcome to bring small children, families should feel welcome to bring their elderly members, and we welcome all who feel they would enjoy sharing this engaging artistic experience in a relaxed and inclusive environment.