In-School Workshops

Our 70 – 90 minute workshop series are facilitated by two QSE teaching artists, and are specifically designed to introduce your students to the key conventions and skills of QSE’s performance training methodology and niche styles.


Free Your Voice

A responsive, clear, and flexible voice is our most powerful ally in expressing and communicating our thoughts and feelings, onstage and elsewhere in our lives. This workshop introduces students to the basic principles and exercises used by actors around the world to prepare their voices to communicate with nuance, clarity, power, and freedom.

This workshop is based on the Linklater method, aka Freeing the Natural Voice, in which all QSE company members are trained.

Forum Theatre/ Theatre of the Oppressed

Theatre of the Oppressed, and Forum Theatre in particular, is used all over the world to transform the theatre into a community brainstorming session, in which audience members are not passive, but are invited to directly engage in a dramatized situation of oppression in order to change the outcomes. This workshop is led by artists who have used the methodology in a variety of contexts including prisons, community centres, and schools, teaches the building blocks of Forum Theatre through direct experience.

Understanding Shakespeare

The key to understanding Shakespeare is the context in which his plays were written. They were written to be embodied, not read, and an understanding of several key implications of this can bring illumination and joy to your encounter with Shakespeare’s words.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • embodied language
  • direct address and meta-theatricality
  • the nature of dramatic verse
  • stage directions and clues in the text
Acting Shakespeare

Contemporary actors tend to approach Shakespeare with either fear or reverence, both of which put the text and character outside the actor. QSE approaches Shakespeare by immersing ourselves in the sounds, images, and rhythms and allowing the text to resonate with us, here, now. In this workshop we explore:

  • literalising the images
  • embodying the text fully
  • connecting to the need through the words
  • rhythm and sound of the words
Artist Residencies

Longer In-School residencies can be tailored to your request, with more in-depth skills development, performance consultation, or performance creation outcomes.

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