Free your natural voice!

Work with a Designated Linklater Teacher to acquire a deeper understanding of how your voice works and how to unleash its full power and range.

The following Linklater courses will be running in 2022:

Linklater Voice 1
Linklater Voice 2

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‘Speaking in my ‘natural voice has reminded me that my voice is unique, vulnerable, powerful, and changeable.’ – James


Sat Feb 12th (9am – 5pm) + Sun Feb 13th (9.30am – 5pm) | $210 (early bird*) $230 | Venue Info

The Linklater Voice Progression is a popular and comprehensive method for strengthening and toning the speaking voice. QSE’s Linklater 1 is a thorough introduction to the Linklater technique for those with no previous experience of the Progression and an opportunity for repeat participants to refresh and deepen their connection to the work.

This two-day intensive focuses on the first half of the Linklater Progression, exploring connection to breath and vibration and exercises for releasing habitual tension and increasing resonance.

BACK TO BACK SPECIAL | Linklater 1 & 2 | $370 (early bird*) $390


Sat Feb 19th (9am – 5pm) + Sun Feb 20th (9.30am – 5pm) | $210 (early bird*) $230 | Venue Info

Continuing on from Linklater Voice 1, this two-day intensive explores range, power, and articulation while focusing on keeping a connection to breath, thought, and sensation. This course is repeatable and those with experience will refresh and deepen their connection to the work

Please note Linklater 2 is only open to those who have participated in Linklater Voice I or have previously trained with a Designated Linklater Teacher (DLT) in the Linklater method.

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This course is for participants 18 years and over

I developed I greater sense of freedom in and ownership of my voice” – Georgia

Meet the Facilitator

Rob Pensalfini
‘Rob’s capacity to keep a whole room engaged and learning for such an extensive period is truly humbling and I’m so very grateful for his wisdom, knowledge and generosity.’

Cancellation Policy

QSE reserves the right to cancel all or part of this training if it determines that there are insufficient participants for the training to proceed or COVID-19 related restrictions change. If this happens, participants will be entitled to a refund for any cancelled portion of the course. We accept no liability for any other costs. Before booking flights or accommodation to attend a QSE course, please contact us to confirm your course will go ahead as planned.

Course bookings are confirmed upon receipt of course fees. Cancellations are accepted up to one week (7 days) prior to the commencement of the training course you are enrolling in.

Once a course has commenced, no refund is possible. Please note that should you need to stay home due to displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, a partial refund or transfer of bookings to an alternate training program will be available upon receipt of a doctor’s certificate.

Substitutions of participants can be made prior to course commencement by notifying QSE via email or phone call, provided participants are eligible for the course.

Covid Policy – Training Weekends

QSE is committed to supporting the wellbeing of all who come to work, learn, play and support us as we come together to create the most satisfying and effective art we can. We acknowledge the significant challenges that we as a company, the arts industry and the community have faced and continue to face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our commitment to wellbeing extends to ensuring that we act as a responsible community member in relation to the risks of the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Participants in our training weekends will need to check-in at the venue each day of the course and on the first day will be requested to show proof of vaccination.

QSE will commit to:

Ensuring that sanitiser is available in all training venues

Ensuring adequate ventilation in the training space

Sanitising high touch areas at the beginning and end of each day

We ask that people be respectful to our teams; we understand that this is a frustrating and uncertain time for all of us however abuse and violence towards our teams will not be tolerated.

We thank you for your support of QSE and look forward to seeing you soon.

QSE is an affiliate of the Companion Card program. If you have a Companion or Carer whom you would like present at our workshop, please email to make use of the program when booking tickets.

*paid in full 2 weeks before the start date of course