Linklater Voice

Free your natural voice, acquire a deeper understanding of how your voice works, and unleash the power and range of your speaking voice.

QSE’s Linklater Voice Training is delivered by a Designated Linklater Teacher (DLT).


Sat Nov 7th 2020 | 9am-5pm | $240 (early bird*) $260 (full fee)

Specifically designed for professional performers who seek more ease, flexibility, and power from their speaking voice, as well as teachers and coaches who want to include some of the Linklater principles and exercises in their work.

Participants will receive individual coaching in physical awareness, connection of impulse to breath and sound, experiencing vibrations, freeing the vocal channel, and development of resonance. This course works with greater demand and precision in all aspects of vocal production, and there will be ample opportunity to ask questions about the progression and address specific individual vocal concerns. Small class size ensures individual coaching.


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Please note this course is only open to those who have participated in Linklater Voice I and 2, or have previously trained with a Designated Linklater Teacher (DLT) in the Linklater method.


Sat Feb 13th – Sunday Feb 14th, 2021 | 9am-5pm | $210 (early bird) $230 (full fee)

An introduction to the Linklater technique for those with no previous experience of the Progression and an opportunity for repeat participants to refresh and deepen their connection to the work.

This two-day intensive explores connection to breath and vibration and exercises for releasing tension and increasing resonance.

BACK TO BACK SPECIAL | Linklater 1 and 2 | $370 (early bird*) $390 (full fee)


Sat Feb 20th – Sun Feb 21st, 2021 | 9am-5pm | $210 (early bird*) $230 (full fee)

Continuing from Linklater Voice 1, this two-day intensive explores range, power, and articulation while focusing on keeping a connection to breath, thought, and sensation.

Please note Linklater 2 is only open to those who have participated in Linklater Voice I, or have previously trained with a Designated Linklater Teacher (DLT) in the Linklater method.


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“I developed a greater sense of freedom in and ownership of my voice.” Georgia

The Linklater Voice Progression is one of the most popular and comprehensive methods for strengthening and toning the speaking voice worldwide. For more on the methodology, visit, and read Kristin’s ground breaking book, Freeing the Natural Voice.

Cancellation Policy

QSE reserves the right to cancel all or part of this training if it determines that there are insufficient participants for the training to proceed or COVID-19 related restrictions change. If this happens, participants will be entitled to a refund for any cancelled portion of the course. We accept no liability for any other costs. Before booking flights or accommodation to attend a QSE course, please contact us to confirm your course will go ahead as planned.

Course bookings are confirmed upon receipt of course fees. Cancellations are accepted up to one week (7 days) prior to the commencement of the training course you are enrolling in. Please note that Eventbrite booking fees are non-refundable.

Once a course has commenced, no refund is possible. Please note that should you need to stay home due to displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, a partial refund or transfer of bookings to an alternate training program will be available upon receipt of a doctor’s certificate.

Substitutions of participants can be made prior to course commencement by notifying QSE via email or phone call, provided participants are eligible for the course.

*paid in full 2 weeks before the start date of course