MACBETH IN THE DARK is an exciting and atmospheric audio production of Shakespeare’s great tragedy Macbeth. The production and its accompanying education resources are available for download year-round.

Macbeth in the Dark brings together a cast of 10 classically trained actors playing over 25 different characters, original music, and the sound engineering wizardry of Dom Guilfoyle under the direction of Kate Wilson to create a disturbing and unforgettable portrayal of the destructive power of human ambition.

For students studying Shakespeare in either English or Drama, this production resource provides an accessible way to engage with the world of the play and to understand the text, characters, and themes more deeply.

Macbeth in the Dark has received high praise from reviewers, with particular recommendations for its use within the education context:

While evoking medieval Scotland, the actors have retained their normal speaking voices so when ‘that bloody man’ first speaks in a strong Queensland accent it comes as a surprise, but it speaks strongly to the universality of the themes that the strangeness passes quickly and in facts adds to the strength of the production. And it is a strong production, a very strong production.
Douglas Sutherland-Bruce, Weekend Notes Perth

Teachers of English will be able to make ready use of it as a highly useful way to navigate the text in class. One of the tougher challenges to engage sixteen-year-olds with Shakespeare lies in the four-hundred-year-old language. The ensemble cast, headed by Rob Pensalvini as the title character, enunciate the text with admirable clarity.
John Cox, Weekend Notes Adelaide


Length: 120 mins
Suitability: gr. 9 – gr. 12
Key Themes: Ambition, Power – kingship vs. tyranny, Murder, Guilt, Fate vs. Free Will, The supernatural


This file available on a pay-what-you-can basis (min $10)


Includes Director’s Notes, practical exercises for the classroom, and more