Mon June 24 – Fri June 28

9am – 5pm

$395 (early bird*) $420

UQ, St Lucia

Join the “rehearsal for the revolution” by stepping into the world of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO).

TO is a movement ignited by director and political activist Augusto Boal in the early 1970s. It was designed for people actively engaged in the pursuit of liberation—whether it’s breaking free from external societal oppression or overcoming internal mental barriers. TO is not just a set of techniques; it’s an opportunity for people who want to effect change in their own lives and those of their communities.

What to expect:

  • Jump into embodied group exercises and forms such as Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, and Cop in the Head
  • Embrace the role of a Joker
  • Engage in enlightening discussions on the rich history, philosophy, and pedagogy of Theatre of the Oppressed

This five-day intensive is led by QSE Artistic Director Dr. Rob Pensalfini, who is an experienced Joker (Theatre of the Oppressed facilitator). He has utilised this work with teachers’ organisations, primary and secondary schools, universities, community organisations, and in prisons in both Australia and the USA.

Rob has trained with leading Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners from around the world, including Brent Blair, Julian Boal, and Barbara Santos. Together, Rob and Brent pioneered the renowned QSE’s Shakespeare Prison Project in 2006, Australia’s first Prison Shakespeare initiative.

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Please note this course is for participants 18yrs and over.

“…more than a course about performance, it is a course that teaches people about the art of living and responding to the world as a creative being.”
Paul Bishop


Rob Pensalfini
“Rob’s greatest strength is his willingness to be vulnerable despite his depth of knowledge and that he has lead the course many times before. He brings all of himself to the course.”
Participant, 2016


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