Jordan Ferguson is an emerging artist and creative in Brisbane having graduated their Bachelor of Acting and Performance with TAFE Southbank in 2020. They also recently completed their Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours) in early 2022, exploring how minimalist staging and hyper-realistic dialogue collaborate through a directorial lens.

Jordan has been involved in a number of projects since completing their studies, working both on and behind the stage. Jordan has starred in The Adventures of Professor Finley at The Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Festival, stage managed Shakespeare’s As You Like It for ThunderBear Productions, and even recently got the opportunity to work with QSE as stage manager for their 2022 production of Macbeth. They are also continuing to work on a passion project of theirs: a table-top role playing game (TTRPG) actual play called ‘Roll for Role’ featuring a number of Brisbane based actors and creatives, where they aim to tell improvised stories through this unique medium.

What drives Jordan is their love for stories, people, and the performance which binds them together, which makes the start of this new journey with QSE such an exciting step in furthering his training and growth as a creative and human being.