Tom Coyle

For thirty years, Tom held the position of Principal Bass Trombonist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Throughout this time he nursed a deep resentment at having been given the role of “Herald” in his high school production of Richard III  – playing trumpet flourishes with no speaking lines at all! 

Deciding in 2017 that he had held a grudge for long enough, he decided to turn his creative inclinations to acting. Since then he has thrown himself at everything in reach, taking acting classes through NIDA, La Boite, Matrix Theatre, ARC, Peter Rasmussen and The fACTory. 

He has since performed in various short films, as well as TV and feature films. Recent stage productions include Pastor Manders in Ibsen’s Ghosts, John Fisher in Matthew Ryan’s Brisbane, Don Pedro in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and Michael Shaun-Hastings in Jordan Tannahill’s Late Company. 

Tom is thrilled to be part of the QSE apprentice program and is immensely pleased to have the opportunity to speak rather than just accompany Shakespeare.