By Christopher Fry

Produced by Ian Eckersley, Stephen Vagg, and the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

A special one-night-only play-reading event

Thursday March 4th | 7:30pm | St John’s Cathedral | All tickets $15.00

Trapped in the ruins of a war-locked Cathedral, four English soldiers bed down for the night and dream of life and death.

Legendary English dramatist, Christopher Fry’s lyrical reflection on life, death, violence, and purgatory was originally commissioned as part of the Festival of Britain, and opened at St Thomas’ church in Regent Street, London, in May 1951 and broadcast live by the BBC in December of that year.

10 years later, the play was performed at St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane in March, just weeks after a performance at St George’s Cathedral, Perth, (both broadcast live by the ABC). The production became the first small-screen drama made and broadcast in Brisbane.

Join us for this special staged reading event – 60 years to the month after the original Brisbane production.


Private Peter Able   Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn

Corporal Joe Adams   Rebecca Murphy

Private Tim Meadows   Rob Pensalfini

Private David King   Angus Thorburn

Director: Rob Pensalfini

Rehearsal Assistants: Mikala Crawley and Willem Whitfield

Producers: Ian Eckersley, Stephen Vagg, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble